Why should I hire an Event Planner?

When you’re planning an event, doing everything yourself is a very, very big job, and it becomes stressful. While planning a whole event by your own, often the families or the guest aren’t able to fully enjoy the occasion. As soon as you hire an event planner, you can just sit back and relax. You can step back, and concentrate on other details related to your guest’s hospitality, shopping, jotting down the invitation list, preparing event agenda and other family / company essentials. Hiring an event planner ensures a stress free event which you and your guest will fully enjoy and cherish.

What does Epic Events do?

Epic Events is a Mumbai based event management company. Epic Events looks after each and every detail of event planning. We consult, plan, design and coordinate all areas of the event. We work with you right from Venue Selection to Departure, Decoration, Entertainment, Celebrity Management, Stationary Designing and all other aspects needed for the event. Epic Events is a one stop solution for your events.

Why should I hire Epic Events?

Epic Events is one of the leading event planner based in Mumbai. Epic Events aims at making your event more beautiful than what you have dreamed of, through its unique concepts and ideas, enthusiastic team and perfect management. Epic Events believes that all the aspects of the event all equally important and should be given equal attention. Epic Events helps making your event a remarkable one for everyone involved. We believe that it is your day and it should turn out exactly how you’ve dreamt it to be.

When should I hire an Event Planner?

Epic Events can assist you from the very beginning of your event. We assist you in all the requirement of event planning. It is suggested to hire an event planner as soon as you decide to do the event. It is better to hand over your event to the event planner which makes you free from the stress, hassle and haste involved. But, finally it’s you who decide how much to involve an event planner.

Does my event have to be very expensive?

It is not at all necessary to have very big budget for your event. Epic Events aims to plan your event within your budget. We offer you wide range and different variety of options so that planning your event can be budget friendly. We believe in giving you the best option within your budget.

What services does Epic Events provide?

Epic Events is a one stop solution for your events. We look after every arrangement for your event. May it be a Wedding, a Conference, an Exhibition, a Birthday Party or any other event we take care after all the arrangements required for you event. We are a one stop solution for your event. We offer you each and every service in your event.

Please refer to our Services page for more details.

How much is Epic Events involved in our event?

Epic Events offers you each and every requirement required for your event. We can assist you every small and big detail of your event. But indeed it’s you who decide how much to involve us in your event handling whole wedding to us or to get specific service from us.